One day after the elections the police is everywhere and is forcing pedestrians back into
their houses, since two soldiers have been killed during the night in a side street.
The Opposition tried to destroy a radio station at night, because a self-declared “neutral”
party leader had first welcomed Faure on his campaign and announced later on the radiostation
that every youngster not voting for the RPT is a fool.
The military has been waiting there and fired at the people. Most of the injuries were within the
leg region, but in the community hospital the doctors would not even have come if it had not
also been for some militaries.
In front of the prefecture some demonstrators started to throw bricks on the soldiers
Vor der Präfektur sind auch einige Demonstranten ausgerastet und haben Steine auf die
Soldaten geworfen, whereupon these fired back. Even this morning one could see burned
tires and rubble all over the street.
By now even the fixed lines do not work anymore. Only calls from foreign countries can be
received. Otherwise they say that the dialed number does not exist.

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