For some time now we have been staying in the orphanary of Campagne des Hommes,
which is about 6 kilometres away from the city, since demonstrations of the opposition might attract
the fire of the military. So far only the RPT demonstrated (“victory demonstrations”),
but at night and now also during the day soldiers moved to certain corners of the city
and started beating up people in their own homes!

In some adjacent villages on the route to Atakpamé the population has started
to stab soldiers at night at not stay calm anymore.
Some africans also fled over the border to Ghana.
The opposition has demanded the publication of the real election results, otherwise they will
start a commotion.
Bob Akitani has claimed over BBC that he himself is the president but has not been recognized
by the sorrounding countries.
The French,Germans and Libanese in Lomé are beeing kept under military surveillance
by now. Also in Lomé they had 10 – 20 dead each day.

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