Over night the Goetheinstitut in Lomé has been burned, probably by soldiers
or at least affiliates of the RPT. So now it is probably becoming dangerous also for Germans. We
had to evacute to Ghana (by ourselves) (what we figured out after a lasting discussion whether we should
go to Ghana or Benin due to ticketprices). The German Embassy was supposed to call their
colleagues in Ghana to organize some VISA for our where it would usually not be possible.

But they didn’t!

The first borderpost din’t have a telefone but could accompany us to the interior of the country
where they had a telefone, but not the permission to grant VISA! For that we had to go to Ho,
which were another 80 kilometres. But our drivers refused to take us there since it was getting late
and one of them had already lost his pastis to the customs after attempted smuggling!
The nice immigrations officer still tried to find some other vehicles by going throught the
different adjacent villages on his dirt bike, but he didn’t succeed. So we went to our accomodation,
the waterfall lodge, which was also led by Germans. The owner also came from Neumünster
and her grandmother lived in the same street as me! :).
The next morning we were preparing to go to Ho but after we had been looking for a bus
for one hour and loaded it for another two hours two officers from the immigrations department
arrived and told us, that about 850 new refugees had arrived just a little down the border
and so now every available man had been sent there and they did not have anyone left
for us and since we could not go by ourselves, we had to stay until tuesday, another 3 days,
since monday was the first of May! Until then we were illegal immigrants and could not leave
a radius of 15 miles!
During the during the american Ambassy was supposingly still taken apart.
Horace still went back to Kpalimé. We spent the evening in another accomodation
that the owner had organized. During the day we still had to stay at the Waterfall Lodge,
but at night we would sleep there.
Before I had still been to the village chief with the owner to announce us officially and
to ask for the next day if we could go to the neabry waterfalls for free, since they were the
highest in Ghana (about 300 metres high and you usually had to pay a fee) – what a touristic escape!
We were still supposed to present oursevles to the council of elders (20 – 30 ppl) and suprisingly I was voted
the spokesperson for the group :O. At the end there was the usualy alcohol that always goes
along on these procedures!
The waterfall was refreshing and relaxing. When we arrived, there were a lot of bats flying
over our head – it became even more when someone shot at them and also got one.
They are selling those on the market. The rest was rather calm.
While we were there apparantly 10 soldiers came looking for us but we were not there
at the time :).
In the evening we still received a delegation from the village with presents: a box of beverages,
one with coconuts, one with bananas and one with oranges! We had been told that both parties
usually bring palm whine and it is drunk together but in this case we were the only ones bringing
some and still had the honor of drinking it ourselves :). The human warmth and kindness
of therse people is just undescribable! They also saw the possibility to revieve their relationship
with the Germans through this, since they had been the first colonists and were still remebered
in a good sense.

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