In Tamale I wanted to take the STC (Intercity bus) to Accra, but it left too late, so that I
had to take Trotros (mercedes – bus taxis, that only leave whenever they are full). In Tamale I
first had to wait for 4 1/2 hours before the Trotro left at all. In Kumase I then switched Trotros
at 4 am! Changed again in Accra at 9am for a Trotro to Ho, where my luggage was standing.
So I finally arrived in Ho after 20 hours of sitting in Trotros and 30 hours without sleep.
There I saw Horace (my boss) an left on Friday with 26 kilos of luggage.
They almost spent the entire time serving drinks and food – again I did not sleep at all.
In Berlin I went to “the carneval of cultures” and had african food again for dinner :).

By now I am back in Germany! Over here, two brothers and a Costa Rican who is coming back from
Prague on wednesday are awaiting me. On the weekend we are still receiving a mexican after
we have first celebrated my brothers birthday and then my return – party non-stop :).

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