Now I finally had to say good bye to the City that I have been living in for about 9 months now. It was kind of hard. Although I have been saying good bye in some way for about 2 weeks now, with a good bye churrasco and then still on the planning weekend of the Local Committee, this one was more for real. At pinguims, the original beer bar of Ribeirão Preto, but with the people gathered there, also feeling a little like home.


Several people came and left, but finally it just broke out and I let the tears flow. They deserved it. A new family (not only talking about Lukas, my “son” now – make me proud!) in several ways. Leaving them with something to miss (saudades) at least made it a little harder. Sayings like “you are like the sun. although we do not always see you, we know that you are always there” made it way harder. It was an experience of a different kind, with people sharing and trying to cheer me up for maybe 30 minutes. Very emotional and I will never forget it! Thank you Dû, Rafael, Rodolfo, Lukas and Ellen! This one really made a difference in my stay here!


Pics here …
Now going on to participate in the International Congress somehow has a weird flavour. I will see what I will get from it. Somehow I am still feeling split …

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