So finally I am getting the chance to write a little something on my blog again after quite some stressy time! A lot has happened …!

After a nice week with just the Team Leaders and the Vice Presidents, about 15 people with strategic planning, team building and envisioning, the teamsters finally came and brought the rumble to this site. We are 55 people from 27 countries and it is quite a nice mix. Some of these people are even a mix in themselves, like Brazilian/French, Peruanian/Swiss, Brazilian/Spanish … Sometimes the accent is really cute or might become a problem – ” do you want the keys” becomes “do you want a kiss”, I already played a gay couple together with an Indian guy (who also just happens to be my room mate, which even brought up more rumors afterwards… :P). We had a girl here who wants to do the expansion in Cambodia and looking for supporters … I contacted some more friends in Iran and Tunisia and they are now also starting expansions in Algeria and probably Saudi Arabia!
You can really feel the internationality of AIESEC in all it’s forms … different time management, living and food styles … but it is really amazing how the hotel is already used to different food requirements and so nobody is starving here. Also the reception guys are pretty good friends by now and help us out wherever they can.
We are stationed at the same hotel where we already had several of the last national conferences here in Brazil. This means that food and service is really nice and affordable for us, but the internet sucks a little.

We had a great team building weekend to Rio de Janeiro (I will still get you to see some pictures, but as I said the internet is quite slow here and as I am responsible for the speed I do not really want to make it slower for the others :P. The president for the congress in 2009 came in and said “I am Geralyn from Malaysia, CCP 2009. Where is the IS guy, I need internet?!). Since then the heat is on and we are working hard to deliver the best International Congress that AIESEC has ever seen!

But the beginning was a little hard for me, since as I also noticed during the Rio tour, which was organised by the LC in Ribeirão Preto, I was not completely over the time in Ribeirão yet and still had to process it, but sometimes the work just did not let me!
Still feeling a little bit lost in the world between two homes and a little stressed out … really reminds me of my final time in Africa sometimes, but at least now I have my feelings and am not a blank slate without any emotions as I was back then …
My boss in the Information Systems team also came about 4 days later than me and I already had to take some decisions, still feeling a little lost in between two worlds, which did not really help. But now I am getting up and running and getting to know the people better also. It is really an awesome team, giving massages every once in a while, but still having the weird feeling of an AIESEC conference that already lasts for 3 weeks and has not even reached it’s peak yet!
About 2 weeks in I had my birthday and it really was a blast! I was supposed to eat the birthday cake without my hands and ended up eating it from my entire face :P.
I even got some birthday presents. I also got a typical mate tea mug from the South of Brazil, for the so called chimarrão (spoken shimahão). So let us see what the rest of this experience is still bringing, since the people are already arriving next week and withing 21 days it is already all over but still quite a lot to do!

I will try to keep you posted.

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