[Update] Check out this text to get some more background information and videos: Updates on the Situation in Egypt: What is Happening

Also check out the current parties and their stands interactively.


How will this end? After the initial promising change in Egypt and other Arab States now there are threats to safety and freedom of it’s people again. I was chained to the TV back then watching how the situation would evolve and was glad that it remained mainly peaceful!

Current State

After the initial struggle to overthrow the past regime (in which the army soldiers on the streets stayed mainly peaceful and did not act against the protesters) and a following quieter time to consoldate there now are struggles between the population and armed forces,
partially also stirred by different religious groups. The main point though is to protest against the army rule and the supreme council not living up to their expectations.

Here are some more of the interesting pics of Tahrir uprising these days to get a visual impression of the current movement! If you are more a person for videos, check them out here as well!

Or also check out the Al Djazeera Live blog on Egypt also including more videos!



Teargas and other ammunition used by the army these days

I surely hope it comes to a good end and does not end in constant major violent quarrels between christians and muslims after there has now been some already. I personally did not hear about a charismatic leader for Egypt as Imran Khan is now for Pakistan. Yet the chances are at least better than in Togo, where I saw the intended revolution failing first hand back in 2005! Togo seems more to be like Syria right now and still continues to have the majority of people oppressed. So these are three different countries with different chances of achieving the movements’ goals (hence the title of the post – there is hope in all of them at least).

Here is some more opinion on the situation in Syria as well.

We are blessed

Man in Egyptian Flag Since the time back then I see again and again how blessed we are to live in a democratic system that works and is still finally still controlled by the people (although not everything is perfect, but then what is … ).
So value the good things in life you have and let’s hope the youth (and population) in other countries gets to be freed from oppression and corruption as well. Maybe you also have ideas on how to support them? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Hey- great post on an important topic. I really hope the people of Egypt are successful in creating the government they seek. For the Islamic world, I believe organic change carried out in a (mostly) peaceful way is a much better solution than regime change imposed by foreign intervention.

    PS- here is the link to one of my favorite journalists: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/. He often writes about Egypt.

    Cheers from Boston,

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked it! Just had a look at Fisk and will check him out further. Thanks for the hint! Hope you are doing well back in Boston! 😀

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