By now it is for shure: malaria and amoeba, but I am already feeling better by now. We’ll see how long I still have to take the prescriptions drugs. 😉 I am feeling better than if I had the flew, but occasionally I am feeling dizzy and have a little pain in the stomach. After I decribed my symptoms to the others, another volunteer is now also going to make


Today I am not feeling all so well, but I hope that it will be better in a few days. Yesterday I remembered something that I had almost forgotten: For quite some time we should visit the mayor of the village that we had been olding our camp in, because we should at least have an official meeting. First we went there after he had not been there the previous


…and once again another volunteer less. The girl left today and we had a farewell party yesterday for her and two other girls, who are leaving on tuesday. We got two days off from the camp for that and so I could finally sleep long again and get my laundry done. Another week and the camp will be over, but first, I have to get back again…


A little break once again. By now I am getting enough sleep since the kids are quite exhausted after we proposed to the animator that he should do some sports with the kids in the evening :). Now they are also quiet a whole lot earlier! By now we are getting up at seven, because we would only be waiting for the breakfeast with nothing else to do if we


So the Camp has started and I have taken a daw off. I will not get enough sleep there since the progamm starts at 5 am and ends officially at about 10:30 pm, but inofficially at about 9:30 and then the kids still have to get ready for their beds; we have breakfast at about 7am ;). We parcially sleep on strawmats, parcially on matraces; the girls got the matraces


By now the next volunteer has arrived and she is staying for 6 months. It is nice to see people cmong since most of the other volunteers are leaving now one by one, but there are also a lot of other whites within the city. “Peacecorps” seems to be sending in some volunteers, which stay for about two weeks for preparation before they are sent off to their respective locations


We are becoming less and less. The “old” volunteers are leaving, the next ones are due on august 14th and 17th and the new one will probably arrive in the middle or at the end of august. We are currently 9 people, but we can still party pretty well ;). Today I got new clothes, even a whole suit, but I should start looking for an Internet café that is


We where on the field today and did some cutting and mowing with a machete! At 8 a.m. we started with little motorequipped bike taxis towards the field. Nice feeling, i can tell ya! At around nine we reached a place near the fields, but we still had to walk for about 20 minutes. We all got a machete und were supposed to start “gardening” which consisted of cutting herbs


By now I am here for 2 days and started getting used to the keyboard. Tomorrow I will start working on a field to see what it looks like. The Ewécourse is quite funny. We are three students and are alwas asking things that are way ahead in the schedule. The whole time you can hear Reggae and/or drums from outside which is rather relaxing that ennoying. Our teacher is


Well guys, I am in Togo now and have to get used to this *censored* keyboard.My project is not certain yet, but I will see about that in about two weeks. Until then we are still having language courses in Ewé; which is one of the local languages, in which a lot of words, pronounced a little different have a completely different meaning. Yesterday we had a party since two