Mittlerweile werden wir hier immer weniger. Die alten Volunteers gehen so nach und nach; die nächsten sind am 14. und 17. August dran, die Neuen kommen wohl erst Mitte bis Ende August. z.Z. sind wir noch 9 aber feiern können wir immer noch gut. 🙂 Heute habe ich mir auch neue Klamotten gekauft, gleich einen ganzen Anzug, ich sollte wirklich mal ein Internecafé finden, das die Fotos schnell genug hochladen


We are becoming less and less. The “old” volunteers are leaving, the next ones are due on august 14th and 17th and the new one will probably arrive in the middle or at the end of august. We are currently 9 people, but we can still party pretty well ;). Today I got new clothes, even a whole suit, but I should start looking for an Internet café that is


We where on the field today and did some cutting and mowing with a machete! At 8 a.m. we started with little motorequipped bike taxis towards the field. Nice feeling, i can tell ya! At around nine we reached a place near the fields, but we still had to walk for about 20 minutes. We all got a machete und were supposed to start “gardening” which consisted of cutting herbs


Mittlerweile bin ich 2 volle Tage hier, habe mich einigermassen mit der Tastatur auseinandergesetzt und fange morgen auf dem Feld an zu arbeiten um einfach mal reinzuschauen, wie es da aussieht. Der Ewéunterricht ist lustig; wir machen ihn zu dritt und fragen immer Sachen, die noch gar nicht dran sind. Die ganze Zeit über hört man von draussen Trommeln oder Reggae, was eher ein bisschen entspannt und nicht wirklich nervt.


By now I am here for 2 days and started getting used to the keyboard. Tomorrow I will start working on a field to see what it looks like. The Ewécourse is quite funny. We are three students and are alwas asking things that are way ahead in the schedule. The whole time you can hear Reggae and/or drums from outside which is rather relaxing that ennoying. Our teacher is


Well guys, I am in Togo now and have to get used to this *censored* keyboard.My project is not certain yet, but I will see about that in about two weeks. Until then we are still having language courses in Ewé; which is one of the local languages, in which a lot of words, pronounced a little different have a completely different meaning. Yesterday we had a party since two