Over the weekend we had a farewellparty for Joe Kiki and the visitors from DeKaWoWo from Germany. It was a nice party with a lot of music – drums, guitar, saxophone and vocals.
At the end we had a jamming session, meaning, that all the musicians played together without a concept, but since all of them were professionals it sounded just great!

On monday we aeven had a pool party also with a lot of live music and midnightswimming! Awesome!

Joe Kiki is now back in Germany, and I went with him and the visitors from DeKaWoWo to Lomé, to get the my Visa.
The ride went well, although Joe’s wife had a broken leg and it was a two hours ride. Unfortunately we also hit a dog on the way, which probably did not survive.
In Lomé I first got my Visa and also those of two other volunteers. The responsible just opened the passports, as soon as I saw the pictures, I could say that it was them and he gave them to me – without an authorization or anything!

I also went into the city, but this dumb moto driver went out of town with me! Afterwards I got another driver to get me into the city – now it was a 10 kilometre ride – very refreshing.
Afterwards I went to the supermarket to get some goat cheese. It was 5 € a piece, but it was worth it after three months 🙂

On the way back 3 out of 5 police controls stopped us. At 9 o’clock I was finally home, but since Falk still got the authorization to stay for another 3 months, we still had to celebrate!

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