Over the weekend we made another trip into the countryside, this time it was to a fall about 30 kilometres from here.
Some of us had already been there and some local “tourist guides”, which accompanied you without asking before, wanted money at the end. At first they said that it was 500 CFA,
but at the end it was 1000 CFA per person!
They also went withus this time, althoguh we told them that we had no need for them. When there was a big argument about it, we posponed it to the end, where Abalo (one of the housemates of Tine and Falk) gave them 500 to avoid any nosebreaking.
They always only wanted money when there were white people around.
The waterfall itself was not so amazing, rather a little water dripping off a cliff, but we made the best out of it, listened to music and ate pineapple and crêpes, which we had made before.
At the end it started to rain, but we found a cave nearby, which looked like a place to pray for some people, since there were a mat and some candles.
Anyway, we stayed there, until the rain got a little weaker and then tried to get to the taxi, which was supposed to be waiting. There it started raining again, and the taxi was a little late, but it was an nice trip after all.

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