OK, long time no see, so a lot happenend!
By now I also ordered a Djembe and also got it, I just did not have the time yet to try it out! Since I got a little too cold during the last trip,
I had shaking fever several times, every three days, to be exact. When I went to the hsopital for the first time on a morning directly after the incident, they found nothing,
but when I went there the second time on an evening where I still had the symptoms, I stayed there for three days, because tehy discovered that I had typhoid fever!
That is not typhus itself, since I had a vaccination for that, but a prephase. Another volunteer also had it, but for the same sickness, everybody over here has different symptoms.
Because I stayed in the hospital, I unfortunately missed the farewellparty of Tine, another volunteer who already left by now. Julia, again another volunteer aborted her stay after
three months and skipped the other three remaining. So she left with Tine, but at least I still had a week after the hospital to do some last things with them.
When I am going to Berlin to the evaluation seminar, I will stay in Berlin a few days longer, since there were some problems with the tickets and we could not postpone them any longer,
but I think that I will spend them with Tine and some other volunteers, since quite a lot of them happend to come from Berlin.

On friday the artists and some other members of “Campagne des Hommes” prepared an african evening for us to show us the african traditions and customs.
That worked quite well, since an african custom is to start everything about 45 minutes after the official start.
Alltogether it was a nice evening with a full programm from 8 to midnight or 2:30 respectivly.
It was at the same time also the last evening of Julia and Tine, who took off the next day, it is always hard to say “good by”, when you know somebody pretty well…

So today we went to Lomé – Falk, Konny, Petra, Abalo and I. The others, to get their Visa extended (except for Abalo, who happens to be Togoian by birth), me primarily to get a cap for my hair, since it is starting to bother me
because it has grown quite a lot by now. The cap thing went quite well. At first they wanted to tell me that if I wanted a bigger cap than those which were available, I would have to wait another day, but when I said that I did not have
another day and did not know when I would come back, they made the cap a little bigger right then and there – but they did not raise the price at all.

Before we still went to get some Pizza – onions and eggs – that’s what I needed after four months without it 🙂
When I helped the others apply for the Visas in the morning, I also met an American, who wanted to pick up the Visas for her and some friends. Since her French was not quite sufficiant, I helped her a little bit.
Falk, Abalo, Petra and Konny had come to Lomé with two motos, so I had to take a cab – also in this case, so I shared one with the Americans (who happened to be two people from the United States and two from Canada
who studied all in Ghana) and acompanied them to the great market. I did not have any more time, since I had to get back to the others, but I got invitations to the United States and Canada – how’s that for the beginning? 🙂

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