Jamaica and Fruit overkill … :)

So now I am in São Paulo in the last days before we start to rock the preparation of the IC … and several great things already happened… I finally got to see my teamster Meet from India and Soraya, the conference manager from Austria with african roots… Friday night I also expected some african food, since a trainee from Kenia invited me to their little dinner that a friend

Goodbye … :'(

Now I finally had to say good bye to the City that I have been living in for about 9 months now. It was kind of hard. Although I have been saying good bye in some way for about 2 weeks now, with a good bye churrasco and then still on the planning weekend of the Local Committee, this one was more for real. At pinguims, the original beer bar


Da nun der internationale Kongress ansteht und auch meine Leserschaft sich leicht ausgedehnt hat, habe ich mich entschlossen den Blog auf der englischen Variante weiterzuführen. Ich hoffe ihr bleibt mir treu ;). Lieben Gruss, Felix

Farewell on rates with a big bang … and Iris … :P

Last weekend we had my goodbye party. Several people came, some left a little early, but we partied about 13 hours with Karaoke and all ;). My butt still hurts from jumping from the first floor into the apparently too shallow pool :P. I also managed to make some majoran oven potatoes. Well, you have to cook them first and since the idea with the pressure pot did not quite