Imran Khan
Imran Khan

After talking about believing in your ideals and bringing positive change here is somebody who is doing it – right now!
One thing that got my attention, apart from my personal experience that I have mainly been focusing on in the last articles, is the current awesome development in Pakistan!



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You have seen the Arab Spring happening and still going on, bringing change to these countries that has mainly been positive but still needs to find its final state to be implemented long term.

Now there is also a movement happening in Pakistan with a politician and former popular cricket playerImran Khan – gaining popularity in a landslide and aiming to get rid of corruption in Pakistan and change the ailing system  – peacefully and idealistic (parallels to Ghandi? :))

Situation right now

The country of Pakistan has an image in the western world that is mainly dominated by several media coverages: a developing country, host to terrorists (mainly the Taliban part) and wars on them aided by western armed forces and maybe still a country struck by a lot of floods and natural catastrophies latey. The army exercises big power over the country also controlling some areas completely! (They are also very busy trying to fight terrorism and 2 major floods and one giant earthquake striking the entire country in 5 years time!) But there is also another side.

The other Side

There is a lot of corruption that is happening in politics and that is public knowledge – the current President Zardari got into power since his deceased wife put him in her will to take over her post. He is known as Mr. 10% for some 20 years now (even internationally) because he took 10% off all international business projects coming into the country! So talking about corruption … he spent those last years either in prison or in his Prime Minister’s House!
A lot of the politicians also follow the conditions that the USA impose on them for giving US aid to the country thus making them heavily dependent on them! E.g. fighting with hard bandages (and collateral damage of drones) against alledged terrorists and allowing no political solution with them although it might well be possible (which Khan supports fully, but more on that later).


There are two major forces still opposing the politicians:


The media has a very solid independent standing and does not take orders from politicians (in other countries the journalists would be prosecuted for their comments and bold questions). It really stands as the 4th power in the country. One major achievement they made was also retaining the sovereignity of the supreme court which is now the 2nd independent power in the country.


Pakistan still has a lot of natural resources that can be used and can bring up the country by quite a lot! A lot of Pakistanis are living abroad and actually contribute a economical power as big as the entire country itself! If they invest back into the country (if they can trust it) that will bring the country up by a lot! They “just” have to start trusting the system…

Latest Shifts

After the US lately declared one group terrorists, that they brought up themselves and asked the government to prosecute them as terrorists, all 57 national parties and the army signed a resolution opposing the idea of following any further of those suggestions of the US and rather giving peace a chance by supporting the tribes and thus taking away their urge to act as terrorists but rather support the country and the people. Still the US will keep acting as usual and keep the bombings up… 🙁

And now comes Imran Khan …

Imran Khan as a person

The video above shows some of the history of Imran Khan. He came up as a very successfull and popular cricket player and joined politics due to wanting to change his country for the better.

He is the chancelor of the UK Bradford University and is constructing a knowledge city in Pakistan where he built a university pretty much in the middle of nowhere where poor children get education for free (by professors from the UK university) and receive degrees of that university!

He runs the world’s only private sector cancer hospital organization which treats 70% of its patients for free – and a lot of wealthy people are impressed by his professional methods, get treated there themselves and support his cause with massive donations afterwards! He built his entire undertaking on donations actually (several of those also coming from himself), wanting to stay independent from any side agendas of the donors.

Imran Khan as a Political Leader

Imran Khan fights his political campaign accepting no payments from corporations or lobbyists. His message is clear: out with corruption to bring Pakistan up as a politically and economically stable country.

In the beginning his rallies were ignored by public media – until October the 30th this year. After being active in several cities around the country he took his rallies to the political capital – Lahore (transcript log here) – where he was given a large square that was almost impossible to fill with people (by his opponent party that wanted to ridicule him and also held a concurrent rally at the same time). And yet he did it! He gathered 250.000 to 500.000 people – the biggest political single rally event ever in the country – rendering the square too small for all of them and thereby forcing the media to finally pay attention! Now several major politicians that initially said “you will always stay a political lightweight” are joining his party and other parties strive for coalitions with his. Yet he only takes those that have no record of corruption.

He counts mainly on mobilizing the youth that finally have a hope for real change (since otherwise no sustainable change will come), but he has also supporters from all other parts of the population – from poor people over blue and white collar workers until the intellectual and economical elite!

He is an idealist that will not stand back for his believes – and it are those that actually brought him this far! Chances are growing and finally becoming real that he wins the elections at the end of next year.

Imran Khan at his rally on October 30th
Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan gestures upon his arrival during a rally in Lahore on October 30, 2011. PHOTO: AFP

Also check out the particular part of the above video where they focus on his future plans.

Social Media also plays a big role in his campaigns with his supporters all around the world spreading the word live!

So let us hope that the aspirations and hopes of the people are fulfilled! 🙂

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Imran Khan in Lahore on October 30th 2011
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In case you want to have another impression of the country apart from “catastrophes and war” also check out this video:

A big thank you also goes to my friend Alishan who brought this to my attention and provided a lot of insight and sources! 🙂

If you have any questions or comments – the comments section is waiting for you! 😉


  1. Thanks for this new perspective on Pakistan! I have to recommend it to my Pakistani neighbor, I guess he’ll find it interesting 🙂

    It’s inspiring that there are people thinking the way Imran Khan does, using their achievements in life for the good of everyone. Of course it would be dangerous to think that one leader/one person will change everything. But it’s necessary for someone to show it’s possible to walk in a positive direction…

    1. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂
      It is not one leader who creates change but the people who follow him! And it seems that quite some people followed it now. Hope you continue to enjoy Stuttgart! 😀

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