After now already posting about ‘Preparing for Job that does not exist yet‘ (where I described what my dream job lookes like and how I got to find it) I also want to stress the importance of living your dream! I am doing it as you maybe have already discovered in the aforementioned post. It took me some 5 years to know ever more exactly what I do NOT want. This helped me in becoming more clear in my goal but does not mean I became more narrow minded – quite the opposite! I learned to listen and embrace others and it is in my opinion more important to be inspired than to inspire. Otherwise  you will soon become too fond of yourself. 😉 “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!” as Steve Jobs quoted. And that is what I do.

Not everything I try out succeeds right away. Sometimes taken new paths can be painful. Successes are what motivates us but hardships bring us forward and shape our character. So it is not only about finding your dream job but also finding yourself! But more on those in some other posts …

While I am currently still on my way there are some people who already are done with the safe haven of studying and the like and make a living based on their ideas. So f*** yeah – I even brought some great examples who can also bring YOU forward! 😀


Dey Dos

Dey Dos

The first one is a former President of AIESEC International from Venezuela – DeyDos – expelled from his home for not having the ‘normal’ sexual orientation but going his own way and living his dream – challenging, inspiring and developing people!

In his case, it is through being a “popcorner” as he calls himself. That includes coaching, training, speeches and facilitation of personal development and groups of all kinds. And then some more. It is not really a fixed profession since he adjusts it to whatever the world needs at that particular point in time – the power in his case comes from the freedom of not having to stick to anything at all, but be more like a Constant Life Designer. He is active all around the globe and YOU can also book him if you want to!  😉
He definitely has some powerful ideas, living his dream, inspiring people and making a living of it! He continues to be one of the people that I look at for inspiration – and as I stated in my last post – to see how much inspiration and training I want to give in my job!

Check out his website, Twitter and Facebook page!



Thomas, Strandschicht & Idea Camp


Another one is a guy who went to Honduras for a year on a civil service (with the same exchange organization that I did – ICJA / ICYE), came back and worked in a startup company that he now also partially owns (Strandschicht) and cofounded two other ones (Idea Camp and virtualcoding nerds) that would allow him to live his dream, would eventually work autonomously and still provide benefits for people who would otherwise not have the chance to live the life they do now.

Strandschicht is a company that supplies virtual assistants that can work on your tasks in German but are located around the world. So far it is mainly Eastern Europe, but the idea is also to go to other parts of the world and provide a salary for these people e.g. in India, which should then again be used for their education. This way you have a profit, motivated employees and still develop the world for the better! On top of that you have a steady income that supports your lifestyle and gives you room for new ideas. He said one day: “Let’s book flights to Brazil next year – until then the company has to run even if we are gone for some time!”– and it did!


And what did they come up with now? – Supporting other people who also want to live their dreams and found enterprises! So now he founded the Idea Camp (based in Berlin) – which puts people into a crash course to find, nurture and also start implementing their ideas for personal sustainable profit based on their dreams! If you want to have a peak check out the page:


6 Fragen: Thomas Jakel erklärt das Ideacamp


Here comes also an experience report from one of the participants (only German again, sorry guys):


Idea Camp (November): Erfahrungsbericht der Teilnehmerin Diana





And then we still have the Knowmads. Where some people go out and implement and live their dream, others found an entire school to do just that! Their concept is described on their webpage:


“As Knowmads is an independent school we don’t have to stick to rules or bureaucracy. We create our own program according to the assignments. We bring people in with the content and tools that help you in your work.”

“Our aim is to educate young creative entrepreneurial spirits. We believe it is our job to enable, facilitate, empower and inspire our students to become change makers.”


Underlying the whole year are four basic questions:

  1. Who am I and what do I want to do?
  2. What do I want to learn/ develop in order to reach that?
  3. How can I contribute to our world?
  4. How do I get my ideas into the world?

My Year @ Knowmads from Maartje Wouters


The also have inspirational lectures – (called “WTF lectures”) by people like Seth Godin every once in a while! Their model is that they provide you with all these tools – input, coaching and the like – and have you build a project that has to be profitable – as a little support for this they charge 4.500€ studying fees so you really have to be profitable! With this you also gain a share in the school itself. 🙂

Also check out the Knowmads Business School in the German Magazine BrandEins (once again in German, but their website is in English! *hinthint* ;)).

Their applications are open again for their Tribe of 2012/13! Btw: you do not get a diploma but a tatoo when you graduate! So if you fancy to join them for a year in Amsterdam … 🙂
For the smaller followers: here is their twitter handle or Facebook page! 😉




The other Option

And if you say that building up the business of your dream is not for you but you rather like travelling – I also have a little extra for you! 😉

There are a lot of people who quit their local job and took to global travelling!

And some even keep their job while travelling and living their dream – like this programmer!

This shows: Everybody can live their dreams if they just dare to! Also stand up for your ideas and do not let yourself be talked down by critics! You can never please everyone and in order to stand for something you often oppose something else. Just dare to! 🙂


Let me know if you have any questions or other sources for inspiration as well! Still take this little teaser for giving you the final push! 😉

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