Living your Dream

Especially during the christmas and family time, one thing often comes to my mind.

Feeling Alive
Living your Dream

Robot Mode

Whenever I work for several months quite intensively, even though I may be more or less passionate about them, I get into a more robotic mode, where things just “have to function properly” and the beauty of things often gets lost. This includes emotions every so often. There is a saying, stating “eventually, all decisions are made from gut feeling”, which is why you should keep some empathy to also include the people factor in decisions and not just act like a senseless robot.

Feeling Alive

I then usually take time to get some of those feelings back. That can be either by calming down and taking a break. This is required in the long term anyway, so better do it regularly, since you “are only as effective as you manage your breaks”. Particularly friends and family will also appreciate it. 🙂

Another short term option is to do something that really exites you and gets your emotions going. This can be a good night out with friends that sparks new thoughts, a flirt (maybe even a longer one) or something similar, but not just a rollercoaster ride, since your job might already be one. =P


Do something that engages you longer emotionally and allows for emotions and passion to come up again – not just for one night. Reflect. Live. I call it “the Importance of Feeling Alive”. Otherwise you are simply a machine that functions and strives just for logical goals, but looses passion and human focus, maybe eventually even your positive attitude  (Especially important if you want to live your dream.) Have you ever heard from a happy robot contributing to his social environment?

Enjoy, take a break, be alive, do good. Every once in a while – be your real self and not just what a stressful life may make out of you. Christmas might be just the right time for it. Just make sure you do not get an overdose. 😉

Looking forward to comments! 🙂

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