By now the next volunteer has arrived and she is staying for 6 months. It is nice to see people cmong since most of the other volunteers are leaving now one by one, but there are also a lot of other whites within the city. “Peacecorps” seems to be sending in some volunteers, which stay for about two weeks for preparation before they are sent off to their respective locations throughout the country. There are also some tourists here, but sometimes one can still hear the “Yovo, Yovo” which is describing the white population here. A lot of the colored people are very friendly, but some are not that serious since they see in us only a chance to learn a foreign language and a possibility to get money and presents, which is sad, but the boys are still better off than the girls since a lot of the guys ask them after some time: “Will wou marry me?”

Tomorrow we will be heading off to the camp, which will last for about three weeks.