Printers and language courses

Until now, there happened quite a lot:
Tine and I are now starting with the conception for a project, concerning the interior of a health centre in a village, which is quite in the bush.
(13 kilometres – 1 hour drive).
Falk and I now also took two laser printers apart and put together a working one. A laserprinter really has about three times as many pieces as a normal computer – it was all a big puzzle!
The language courses started slow, but by now we almost have 20 inscriptions and for the courses themmselves even more show up.
On monday we have the due date. After the start of my cours with one inscription but no students present I yesaterday even had one that was present! But another 60 years old is also supposed to come to my course, he is always bringing a candle with him, because it is too dark for him.
This weekend I will take a time out from all activities!