Sports tournament, chickens and campaigning

Ok, once again, quite some time has passed since the last entry!
The soccertournament is over by now. Here a short description of the tours in the villages:

1st day

The first day in Kpimé passed quite nice. We had a lot of audience, but after the match
it started to rain, so we could not do the movie projection that night.
Kpimé – Kpalimé FC: 1:0

2nd day

In Yoh war the intereset was a little less, but we had a success nonetheless and reached some people.
The wooden penis to show how to use a condom was also quite an attraction :).
Yoh – Yokelé: 0:1

3rd day

In Kpodzi we had an excited chicken running over the field in the middle of the game
but the projection of the movie passed calmly with a lot of interest.
Kpodzi – Gbalavé: 2:0

4th day

Since we also had a team from the town of Kpalimé, this match was held in the local stadium
There was a little commotion due to a referees decision but it handled pretty quickly and we went on.
The sheep on the field also disappeared as quickly as it had come. :).
Kpalimé FC – Kpimé: 1:1

5th day

In Yokelé we had the largest crowd with about 600 to 700 persons.
Also for the film in the evening about 400 were still present.
Yokelé – Yoh: 0:2

6th day

Gbalavé was supposed to receive Kpodzi but they had not mowed a single metre square
of their field and proposed to play in one of the neighbouring villages. According to the rules
they had to be excluded, but we said, “Hey, we have come here to teach the people something, not to play soccer!”
So we tried to organize it but apparently they had not even asked in the neighbouring village and to organize
an authorization for the afternoon it was too late – so they were excluded, since they were also the
only one who had not payed their participation fee yet – they had not made ONE SINGLE EFFORT, which is sad.
We used the afternoon to catch aup with the sensibilisation and the movie in Kpimé. It was also raining
this time, but only at the end, whn we had already succeded!
=>Win by disqualification:
Gbalavé – Kpodzi: 0:3


The Finals took place in the stadium of Kpalimé. We had some chaotic phases but nonetheless
we succeded. After the aftermatch party I just crashed into my bad. 🙂 We had touched about 2.000 with
our sensibilisation altogether. In between we still gave interview on the radio – an interesting experience
to speak to 45.000 people at a time! 🙂

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Today also Faure Gnassingbé shoed up for his electoral campaign in Kpalimé.
There was some commotion and heavy arguments between soldiers and protesters but since Faure
is gone again I think that it will stay calm.