In Tamale wollte ich eigentlich den STC nach Accra nehmen, bloss fuhr der leider zu spät, so
dass ich mit Trotros nach Accra musste.
In Tamale musste ich erst noch 4 1/2 Stunden warten, bevor das Trotro ueberhaupt abgefahren ist. In Kumasi dann um 4 Uhr morgens angekommen, gab es zumindest mitten in der Nacht noch Trotros nach Accra! Hier wieder um 9 Uhr in eins nach Ho und so bin ich nach 20 Stunden in Trotros und 30 Stunden ohne Schlaf endlich in Ho angekommen.
Dort habe ich noch Horace gesehen und bin dann am Freitag mit 26 Kilo Gepäck abgeflogen.
Sie haben fast die ganze Zeit mit Getränke und Essen servieren verbracht – geschlafen habe ich nicht.
In Berlin war ich auf dem Karneval der Kulturen mit meiner Familie und habe zum Abendbrot Koliko mit Piment gegessen. 😛
So, mittlerweile bin ich wieder zurück in Deutschland! Hier erwarten mich meine Brüder,
ab Mittwoch kommt unser Costa Ricaner aus Prag zurück und am Wochenende kommt ein Mexicaner für zwei Wochen und das nachdem wir erst den Geburtstag meines Bruders und schließlich meine Wiederkommensparty gefeiert haben – das Programm geht hier gleich gut weiter!


In Tamale I wanted to take the STC (Intercity bus) to Accra, but it left too late, so that I
had to take Trotros (mercedes – bus taxis, that only leave whenever they are full). In Tamale I
first had to wait for 4 1/2 hours before the Trotro left at all. In Kumase I then switched Trotros
at 4 am! Changed again in Accra at 9am for a Trotro to Ho, where my luggage was standing.
So I finally arrived in Ho after 20 hours of sitting in Trotros and 30 hours without sleep.
There I saw Horace (my boss) an left on Friday with 26 kilos of luggage.
They almost spent the entire time serving drinks and food – again I did not sleep at all.
In Berlin I went to “the carneval of cultures” and had african food again for dinner :).

By now I am back in Germany! Over here, two brothers and a Costa Rican who is coming back from
Prague on wednesday are awaiting me. On the weekend we are still receiving a mexican after
we have first celebrated my brothers birthday and then my return – party non-stop :).


Nachdem wir mit der Fähre in Yeji angelegt hatten, kamen mir erst einmal Milena und Djenneba
entgegen, die schon vor mir etwas gereist waren. Johannes und ich suchten uns dann noch ein Hotel mit ein paar anderen “Yovos” oder “Obruni”, wie sie hier genannt werden,
die wir auf dem Schiff getroffen hatten. Vor zehn Jahren gab es hier auch mal fließendes Wasser,
jetzt muss alles mit Trotros geholt werde – aber die Betten waren gut!
Am nächsten Morgen ging es in einer Fähre in Form eines Kanus mit ca. 50
Plätzen über den See. Auf der anderen Seite ging es weiter nach Tamale, aber
mit der miesesten Busfahrt meines Lebens! Hinterher hatte man einfach Lust an jemandem
seine Wut auszulassen, was wir natürlich unterlassen haben.

Trip back

After the Ferry arrived in Yeji, Johannes and I were looking for a hotle with some other
“Yovos” (or “Obrunis”, how they are called over here) who we met on
the ferry. About 10 years ago they also had running tap water here, now everything has to
be brought with Trotros – but the beds were good!
The next morning we continued with a canoe of about 50 seats over the lake. On the other side
we went on to Tamale but with the most horrible bus ride of my life! At the end we just wanted
to let our anger out on somebody, but of course we didn’t!


I spent monday making a lot of phone calls. On tuesday we were supposed to get the VISA.
The officers had said: ” 7 am sharp, but at 7:30 tehy were still in bed themselves. 🙂
Horace arrived at about 8:30 with the car of CdH, his wive Rogate, his son Jaques and a new irish
volunteer who had been waiting in Ghana until the borders openend. Then he came into the
bureau of CdH and was immideatly taken back across the border by Horace :).
Horace also brought his family because they started spying on oppositionals and taking them
out of their houses at night.
He also brought the car but still had to discuss about the road usage fee for about an hour,
since the officers wanted to be bribed with an additional 50%
We were 4 persons on the backseat (the Irish, two immigration officers and me) and were
officially overloaded, but since there were officials in uniform, the police could not do anything
about it :).

To get the VISA we first still had to exchange money, since they did not take any CFA.
But since the exchange course at the bank was too low, we went to the black market (accompanied by
an officer in uniform!) and traded the money there!

After we had solved the VISA question and liberated the officials woth a big bonus
we still bought a cellular card and looked for an accomodation for the volunteers in Ho.
The Irish had already taken his backs and taken off to maybe check in in another 6 or 7 weeks :).

So we went back to Hohoe and continued with a so called “Trotro” (Buschtaxi)
and the other volunteers to Ho and with some the next day to Accra.
Here everybody had to take care of his own flight and planning. You could change your flight
(if you did not have an e-ticket) to KLM since thy are ni an alliance with Air France.
I decided to still take a weeks holiday and now left on friday the 13th how I noticed later!

So the group spilt up one by one and I went with some to Kokrobite, a village at the beach
where they were supposed to have live music every saturday – but they didn’t, since one month every year
they don’t do any music arround accra due to a tradition! We also met some dutch that we had met in
Hohoe (at the waterfall lodge) before. They gave us an introduction to the place :).
Now Johannes and I are on a tour over the volta lake after two days and a fabulous pizza
in Kokrobite. It is so far the biggest lake created by man.