Jamaica and Fruit overkill … :)

So now I am in São Paulo in the last days before we start to rock the preparation of the IC … and several great things already happened…
I finally got to see my teamster Meet from India and Soraya, the conference manager from Austria with african roots…
Friday night I also expected some african food, since a trainee from Kenia invited me to their little dinner that a friend had prepared for her. Since we were initially not invited we still brought some stuff for german pancakes, but what we found there was also already more than overwhelming! It was in fact not african, but Jamaican food, since her friend was from Jamaica and I can you – she can cook!
First rice with soysauce and chicken with some extra rafinesse and then afterwards still home made icecream with original Jamaican Coconut Rum! Even my pancakes later were with real Kingston original Jamaican Vanilla 😀 Then still my typical filling with cinnamon and sugar and the entire evening was just a feast :D. We still watched a Jamaican movie (“Shottas”) and had a great evening in international company:

Meet from India, just came fresh from the US, Soraya from Austria, me from Germany, then Immah and Ivy from Kenia, Jonathan from Panama with actually some Jamaican roots (!) and then last but way not least Chevanese from Jamaica. We still talked until 5 a.m. …

This morning (Saturday) I went with Mariana to the fair (includes the black market =D ) and bought a memory card for my camera – 2 Gigabyte for just 30 reais (10 Euros!). Several sunglasses for 5 reais (like 2 Euros) also found the interest of the girlst :).
dsc00059.jpg dsc00060.jpg

The fruit fair was a vivid color explosion and an overflowing exposé of a lot of fruits that I had not ever heard of before! Some known ones like Litschi I was proud to recognize, but I did not know that nature brought forth things like a natural mix of Mango and Strawberry … really delicious :).

> More pictures again here <

Let’s see what this rushing city still bears in mind for me until I go to the preparation on sunday night …

Goodbye … :'(

Now I finally had to say good bye to the City that I have been living in for about 9 months now. It was kind of hard. Although I have been saying good bye in some way for about 2 weeks now, with a good bye churrasco and then still on the planning weekend of the Local Committee, this one was more for real. At pinguims, the original beer bar of Ribeirão Preto, but with the people gathered there, also feeling a little like home.


Several people came and left, but finally it just broke out and I let the tears flow. They deserved it. A new family (not only talking about Lukas, my “son” now – make me proud!) in several ways. Leaving them with something to miss (saudades) at least made it a little harder. Sayings like “you are like the sun. although we do not always see you, we know that you are always there” made it way harder. It was an experience of a different kind, with people sharing and trying to cheer me up for maybe 30 minutes. Very emotional and I will never forget it! Thank you Dû, Rafael, Rodolfo, Lukas and Ellen! This one really made a difference in my stay here!


Pics here …
Now going on to participate in the International Congress somehow has a weird flavour. I will see what I will get from it. Somehow I am still feeling split …

Farewell on rates with a big bang … and Iris … :P

Last weekend we had my goodbye party. Several people came, some left a little early, but we partied about 13 hours with Karaoke and all ;). My butt still hurts from jumping from the first floor into the apparently too shallow pool :P.

I also managed to make some majoran oven potatoes. Well, you have to cook them first and since the idea with the pressure pot did not quite work out there is now the slogan with edding on the wall: “Felix’ farewell – potatoe on the ceiling”. I wonder how long it will still take them to find the last potatoes behind the fridge and in similar places ;). So at least I went with a big bang :P.

The party was really nice and I will still try to get the pictures from the designated photographer.
I bought a new camera today, since the last one disappeared in our apartment (the one before that was stolen during the carnaval in Salvador) :(. IC without a camera just doesn’t do ;).

So this party makes it even a little harder to leave. Other things make it a little easier – like Iris!

Iris met us one day at the mall, when we just wanted to rest a little on the couches in the Mall (they have them in several places here, actually pretty neat!). We just sat down and suddenly some…thing talked to us.
About 50 years, dangling ear rings, hair styled back but already bold on top … and an ice cone in his / her hand. Right, it was actually a he!

He talked to my colleague – fortunately I did not really hear what he said! He introduced himself as Iris. Bride without a husband. Then corrected himself, saying that he actually has one … with blue eyes and blond hair – looking over to me. That was the moment for me to leave after he had already offered us to suck on his ice cone …
Some thing make it really easier to leave, but it still stays hard …