What is home (in different languages)?

So it is around Christmas now, where many people go home. But what really is “home”? How do you define home?

Many say that it is where their family lives or where they grew up. Some say “Home is not where you were born but where you want to die”.

I have been wondering about what home really means for me and by being abroad some international aspects came into the picture.

Definition of "Home"
The Sea

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How to really LIVE your Dream


After now already posting about ‘Preparing for Job that does not exist yet‘ (where I described what my dream job lookes like and how I got to find it) I also want to stress the importance of living your dream! I am doing it as you maybe have already discovered in the aforementioned post. It took me some 5 years to know ever more exactly what I do NOT want. This helped me in becoming more clear in my goal but does not mean I became more narrow minded – quite the opposite! I learned to listen and embrace others and it is in my opinion more important to be inspired than to inspire. Otherwise  you will soon become too fond of yourself. 😉 “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!” as Steve Jobs quoted. And that is what I do.

Not everything I try out succeeds right away. Sometimes taken new paths can be painful. Successes are what motivates us but hardships bring us forward and shape our character. So it is not only about finding your dream job but also finding yourself! But more on those in some other posts …

While I am currently still on my way there are some people who already are done with the safe haven of studying and the like and make a living based on their ideas. So f*** yeah – I even brought some great examples who can also bring YOU forward! 😀

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