Sudden Change – British style -> Leider Geil! (“Unfortunately Awesome”!)

So I hopped over to London to visit family, my coach and friends. I have been a bit around the globe, but one thing still struck me odd:

Driving on the left.

Obviously I had already heard about it but forgotten about it when arriving at the airport at 7 am after having just spent the entire previous night trying to sleep at another airport!
I got onto the bus and actually got the seat in the very front with a clear view ahead!
This can be quite refreshing / shocking / awakening at once but then you probably adopt to it. Or so I thought. Because it is part of a lot of subtleties as well! Obviously you overtake also on the left, you walk on the left side of the street (if not too many tourists make you feel on the wrong side of the road whatever side you are on!), the metro (/tube) leaves to the left and not the right. Every time I had to think AGAIN!! Nothing normal! But then – what is normal?

Being normal - embrace change!
People don't resist change - but nobody likes being changed!

“Being normal is boring. Be yourself and LIVE!” ~me 😉

What does this have to do with change and change management? Sometimes things (or the current “normal”) change. It is not about Continue reading Sudden Change – British style -> Leider Geil! (“Unfortunately Awesome”!)

My cool Experiences with my Personal Coach – do you have one? :)

My Coach and Me

So how does this work (for me)?

For about 3 years now I have a personal coach  and he has definitely brought me forward! We do not talk every day but still every once in a while.

He does not provide me with answers but rather the right questions to come to conclusions by myself. There have been several bigger crossroads in my life in these 3 years that have been heavily influenced that way. He lives in the UK but works in different countries, soon being Mongolia! When we talk, it works over Skype and upon needs rather on short notice. I also just met him physically again last week – yay! Once again, it was a very interesting and insightful evening that both of us enjoyed. Before I met him physically in Brazil in 2008 and in Malaysia in 2009.

So what can you take from this?:

My Coach and Me
My Coach and Me in 2009

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