German Development Service, cheese and belgian lawyers

Yesterday I had been over at a friend’s from my volleyball team. He is janitor / gurdian for
the house of a belgian retired lawyer. The Belgian is living here 3 months each year.
He had already worked for “Lawyers without frontiers” in Africa and passed through here
during his stay. He fell in love with the countryside and the people and now he build a house here.
The whole neighbourhood profits from him, since it is a house open to all. The kids can study for school
at night, since his house is one of the few with electricity. Occasionally they even come at 2 am!
He even build a small studyhall next to his house now. They can also watch TV (Satellite).
The whole neighbourhood knows that if something is missing in his house it won’t be open anymore,
so there are no robbers. He is also financing a healthcare centre and collecting donations (hospital beds, etc.)
and bringing them down here.

So I talked a lot with the belgian guy and also had lunch there. We had salat and sausages!
Afterwards we still watched TV: Cartoon Network in French. – An interesting afternoon!

Today I helped a lady from the “German Development Service” (DED) to translate
documents into German (she is belgian also). She is married to a Togoian and has already worked in
Benin and the north of Togo. When we arrived, she was still having breakfast and in the end she
gave me 4 pieces of cheese – what a luxury in this country :).

The donations for the soccer project also arrived today – 1.600 € for the beginning –
and of course we already counted it, split off a part to put in a banking account and registered
the bills of the stuff already bought in Lomé the same day. (It was my duty to do the
last part as the cashier 🙂 ).

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