Riding a bike at work and a refreshing rain

By now the preparations for the sports project are running. With Bruno (one of my
colleagues) I already went to several villages around Kpalimé to see, if there are
any soccer teams present and there are :). For our tour, we used a 125cc motocrossbike and went
around 100 kilometres over sticks and stones. The last six kilometres were even in the pouring rain on
thursday evening 🙂 we just did not want to wait any longer! When we talked to the representatives
of the village ealier, one boy always passed me candy – usually it is just the other way around :).
We also could not leave directly when we wanted to, since Bruno’s aunt was living in the village
and did not want to let him go before he had had supper at her house :).
It is fun and you can see that something is happening! Unfortunately the
bike was a little broke this morning but in Africa the most inportant skill is improvising – we
are going to get it done one way or another! :).
About Festesco: there seems to be some change! During the reelections the ministre of eduction
is going to be replaced in any case since already messed up big time not only in our case
– so the way is free again!

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