French fries and Gabun


Last night we had another campfire. We wanted to fry a chicken for some of, and french
fries for all of the volunteers :). The chicken had been slaughtered by Johannes, Constantin’s
brother (he had a relationship to that chicken – as a medical student, I hope that there
are no consequences ๐Ÿ™‚ ).
Most of the volunteers already left at around midnight, so they did not eat too much.
So Michael, Daniel and I still fried and ate the rest of the french fries (really crispy !) – for 6 hours!
At 4 am we finally had enought and went to sleep – I had enough fries for quite some time now :).

At the same time it was the last evening for Johannes, who had only stayed several weeks
to travel with Constantin, but has become a part of the group nonetheless! This morning we
got to know that his flight has been cancelled, no clue why (political or economical reasons).

The president is now in Gabun, because he was invited there. There also reigns a dictator
who is trying to figure out, if his son can take over after his death. It all depends on the
African Union, which is still young and did not have such problems to solve yet. So this is
where it becomes clear what they are capable of. In the opinion of some the french are
supporting the regime in Togo and have always been. Maybe they had some influence…

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