Crazy ministers, the biggest waterfall in Togo and drunk guards

Tina left after a total time of 6 months now. Somehow it is strange. She arrived a week
after me, now there are only Peter, Constantin and I who passed 6 months here. The others
are all at least one month short. When we brought her to the airport (Horace and I,
I still had to extend my visa, so I was in Lomé anyway) everything took a little
longer, but the check in did not cause any problems (even the Djembe made out of tropical wood).
When she was taking off, Horace and I still had to pick up the luggage of a new volunteer
which had not arrived in time. After we left the airport at around 11 pm we still had to pass the guard,
who seemed to like drinking a lot. He only woke up after we blew the horn several times
and tried to pull the ticket through the display for about 5 minutes. Unfortunately Horace
already said : “Don’t worry, it’s 500 CFA” before I had my camera out.

This weekend we went to the biggest waterfall in Togo. I organised the trip together
with a friend of mine who tries to establish sustainable tourism there (he has his own
NGO). It was interesting, but I had already seen some places like it.

The theatre festival seems to be off for this year. We tried to get authorisations
from several ministries and responsibles. We also got some from the ministry of culture,
and the ministry of technical education. We also had it from the department of public education,
but the minister vetoed it. We sent in a letter to ask of him to think it over, but
that only seemed to upset him. So he just held a public speech that the department in
Atakpamé seems to have too much power and is granting too many requests, so
from now on no NGO in this region (maybe even in all of Togo) will be able to do projects
in schools anymore – so our theatre project is also off, after a planning of 11 months and
a cost of 300.000 CFA (670 bucks).

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