Movie night and Harmattan

And once again we had a movie night This time we had bought 3 films in Lomé.
We had invited several others to watch with us, but in the end it were just Falk, Michael
and me. This time we also had the big stereo from Campagne and it was quite a nice sound!
We started at 7:30 pm and watched all three films. The last one didn’t work as well as
expected, but it was fun and at 2:30 am it was “already” over
und haben letztendlich alle drei Filme geguckt. Der Letzte lief zwar nicht ganz, aber
es war auf jeden Fall lustig und um 2:30 dann auch “schon wieder” vorbei.

By now we are in the middle of the Harmattan. That means, that the temperature
during daytime is at about 20 degrees Celsius, that it is pretty windy all the time and
there ist constantly desert dust in the air which covers pretty much everything within
half a day. It is still supposed to last until the end of february, march /april is then
supposed to be the hottest month of the year.

At least we have Coke again and all the other beverages that had been missing since New Year’s.
There had been a similar case with cigarettes, that had not been produced for 2 months,
but now they are back (don’t worry, I am still a non-smoker !).

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