Lomé and Surprise party

Due to projekts and a motorcycle for Michael we went to Lomé yesterday.
We started at 5 am and it was actually cold, but with my new coat it worked.
When we arrived, we already whitnessed a car accident. Later on we still bought
burned DVDs for 5 € a piece: Kill Bill 2, Chronicles of Riddick and Last Samurai.
They are supposed to be in English with French subtitles, we will see about that! :=)

When we came back at 8 pm, my house was full of volunteers and campagne artists, since
another volunteer is leaving today and had already planned her farewell party, but most
had forgotten about it. This one was rather quiet and nice until some (drunk) Afrikans
could not stand it anymore and turned up the volume. I wanted to go to bed anyway. 🙂

It is a little strange, but for three days, there are no cokes, nor anything other than
beer in Kpalimé and even Lomé, so probably all over Togo! I don’t drink beer
that often!

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