New Year and new House mates

The next morning we were told that there would still be a dinner for all the
volunteers (who were not currently travelling) and their hostfamilies in the evening.
We had salad, peas and fried bananas. It was quiet and finally a change!

Falk, Swaantje and I still wanted to watch a movie afterwards. First we watched
Kill Bill 1 ( on Falk’s Laptop). Then it got too late for Swaantje and Falk brought her back
home while I was getting some Cokes for the second movie, Blade II. While I was waiting in
the cue (the bars only seem to become crowded around this time of the year) I saw an
African with a dark coat and asked him for the price. He said that it was 7000 CFA (about
15$). I asked him where I could one of those. He said that his brother sent it to him
from Paris, but if I would give him the money, he would give it to me right off his back –
and that he did :). Now Blade II had even more style :). By the way, the black guy was
named “Bismarck”

Yesteraday I still got to know that the room next to mine will be inhabited by
two Africans who’s dad has a mission in Cameroon. They will stay for at least 6 months
and are still going to school. They are between 18 and 20. We’ll see if I feeling more
like in a family after their arrival.

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