Aneho, the Rich and Voodoo

On Monday morning we finally left. Of course our bus to Lomé broke down
and so we had to wait for another hour. From Lomé it were still about 30 kilometres
to Aneho, but we need 6 hours to get from Kpalimé to Aneho. (Usually 3 hours).
That night we stayed at one of the most beautiful beaches of all of Togo (not only
based on our opinion). OK; there was a phosphate pipeline on the right and people
were taking a dump a little down the beach on the left, but it was still magnificent
with waves 3 metres high and water with 30 degrees. Somehow it did not really feel like
christmas 🙂
Aneho is one of resorts for millionars and party affiliates. One side consists completely
of luxury villas and since we had the phone number of one of the housekeepers we stayed there
for 1.500 a night (3 Bucks). We had complete luxury and even a decend matrace!
On tuesday we walked a little around the village, visited the oldest church in Togo
as well as the Benin frontier. The Voodoo festival, that we had actually come for,
had already taken place the tuesday before. Apparently we have to go to Benin on the 10 of
January to see the big one.;)
So we already returned on wednesday with a pizzastop on Lomé and picking
up visa for other volunteers. The visaemployee was pretty pissed, but at least we could
relax that night in the La Case!:)

Since today is christmas Campagne is going to have a Party until dawn, not really
anything in the family and stuff. Maybe that will come on the 25 th – we will see.

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