Volleyball, Folklore and Peace corps

On saturday morning my Volleyball club had his “end of the year party”.
Therefore the area had to be cleaned and prepared. That meant cutting the grass with machetes and
getting it off the concrete with little simple brushes. It was actually fun, as almost everything,
that you do with the right people. Then we still played a little. First we had mixed teams, beginners and
advaenced, but after some time they exchanged all the advanced for beginners – except for me. Then they finally
noticed that would probably not have that much fun to play with kids, 14 years old at the most, and exchanged me, too.
There you can see the preference of whites again. 🙁 We still got to play later on.
Finally we started with eating, drinking and the speeches. I also had to hold one, unprepared.
I kept it short. Thanks for letting me play – happy new year! After about 45 I had to leave
because I still wanted to go on a trip to the voodoo festival in Aneho with a friend (Michael).
Unfortunately he had Malaria, so we fixed the departure for monday morning since the festival is
supposed to be on tuesday.
So I still had time for the folklore festival of another NGO, to which their volunteer (Jia) had invited me.
It was a festival for the sensibilisation about AIDS. There were also soome pretty funny plays,
e.g. a dildo demonstration or actors playing an intercourse scene! You did not have to understand
a lot of Ewe to have fun watching it :).
With Jia and her friend, who was around at that time and is working for Peacecorps (an american exchange
organisation, that is sening out volunteers for 2 years) I still went into the Crémerie
to get some ice cream (with Spaghetti and CrĂȘpes). Afterwards Mathew (her friend)
and I still went into the internetcafé.

This morning I got up at 11:30 (hey – it’s a sunday) and already had an invitation for
lunch at 12:30. I spent it again with Jia and Mathew in the Crémerie.
Afterwards we accompanied Mathew to the bus, since he had to get back to his village.
On the way back we went into another bar together with Gregory (an new volunteer at Campagne).
Then we had supper and did not really care for going into another bar that night – La Case. 🙂

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