Bondparty and Millions

Since I am planning on going on a trip for a few days, I had to withdraw some money
from the bank, but it was christmas season and and a lot of people also got direct money transfers.
Most of the Togoians are very bad in calculus and the customer in front of me had just received
2000 € – 1.352.272 CFA, which he had to count (the biggest bills are 10.000)! I had to wait for
about 45 minutes.

We’ve also got a cigarette brand around here which is called Bond and had a promotion
party last night. Of course there were several prices to win and after I had been
dancing for only 20 seconds, I already had another watch around my wrist. I’ve only
got to change the battery now :).
They also had a real DJ, so the party was quite nice. Most of the others here have
no experience in mixing.
I also met two French who are travelling from village to village to work there and teach
them new agricultural methods. Country live is a little different here and so one
of them has already eaten cat (it is difficult to refuse anything in the villages).
He reminded me of the lead singer of “System of a Down” :).
Bond also had several games for their prices: one’s objective was to grab your nose,
ears and stomach as quick as possible. One of my friends, Palino, also took part in it,
but he already had to leave after the first round. At the end there was still a beer
and baguette “destruction” contest, but I was already leaving at that time.
I had only come in the first place, because my drumming group had a performance that night
and they also asked me to take part in it. I was supposed to bring my Djembe and they
even gave me a costume 🙂 A really nice night!

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