Bar Tour and “Burning down the Bar”

On sutarday night we went out a little to check out the local bars. At the end we stayed in a single bar,
but it quite cool, since it was a bar on top of another one, so the music was not too loud and you could still have a
normal conversation. It was on the rooftop on the 3. floor and open, so that you could see the sky.
There was also a thunderstorm passing by in the distance, so we saw a lot of lightning, but we only got a few raindrops, so we never actually had to “take cover” :). Altogether it was a awesome night.
On the way home I still chatted with Falk and so we got to bed at 3 am.

But Falk got up again at 4 am, since it got pretty warm in his room. It was also pretty bright and after a few seconds it was clear that the adjacend bar was on fire. Half the neighbourhood was busy putting the fire out (not me, since I live too far off).
There had been a wedding scheduled in that bar for the next day, which then took place in the “La Case”. It was quite crowded, but they were still having fun. During the day we still found out that there had been three fires altogether and and at least two, but probably all of them had been laid out. Due to the local police activity it will probably be never found out who was responsible, we are in Togo after all!

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