Jesus’ Visa and flight ticket

On thursday I was once again in Lomé to renew my Visa. On the ride there I sat next to a woman that was going to the court of appeals. I had no clue what the case was about, but I could as well have been about her singing – she was “singing” for 2 hours and I had to put my discman on full volume!

Before I could apply for the visa, I still had to get pictures made. In the first store they told me, that it would take 1 1/2 hours at least, so I sat down and awaited the taking of the pictures. There a mouse passed by hat seemed pretty tamed and acustomed to humans. I asked te owner, if it was his pet. He was exploding: “A MOUSE??!!” and started beating it to death.
When it was dead, turned to me and said: “Are you ready?” (he probably still took care of the mouse later on).
After he had taken two pictures of me, he said that I could still go for a walk. I thought that 1 1/2 hours would be a little much, so I asked the next shop owner, where I could make some pictures real quick. He said that at his place, the least would also be 1 1/2 hours, but there would be another place where it took only about 20 mintes.
In the end it took only three minutes – for the same price! From there I went to the ministry of the interior to get my visa application done. The moto passed by the univerity, where the buildings looked as if they were from the 70ies (they later told me that it was build in 2000).
As we know officials, they told me to come back about 5 days later, although my last visa would already have expired by that time, so I will be an illegal immegrant until next tuesday! 🙂

I also changed the date for the flight back, because you can only book them for 330 days in advance and since I had to book before I got here….
In Lomé there are also supermekets as in America, only the prices are a little higher and there is no fresh milk 🙂 For the lunch I got a piece of cheese, which was quite awesome.

At the Togotelekom I also still had to gather some information for usage of the internet. Since the central (in Kpalimé they sent me to Lomé)was not open yet at 1pm, I had to wait until 2:30.
I did this in a bar, where the barmaid said, that my face reminded her of Jesus. OK, she did not gasp and say: “He is still alive!”, but she was not the only one, since today another man said independently the same thing. Let’s see when I can find my picture in the churches 🙂 :).

After the waiting I got into the combined central of the postal service and the Togo Telekom. There, they sent me back and forth and back again – but they also burned some cd’s for me, which I usually do not get done in a postal office. They also had screensavers with dancing aliens, but they were rather annoying, since it also had acustic support 🙂

The ride back was a whole lot betterand funny, since I had plenty of room for my legs and I it was a pleasant ride. Directly afterwards I still had to give language courses.

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