Language courses and America

Last night our hostfather (Claude) still wanted to talk with us. He said, that we should not worry, but he still wanted to talk with us after dinner for about 5 minutes.
We thought, taht it might be because of an unofficial farewell party the evening before, where due to a misunderstanding nobody had informed our hostparents.
But now he told us that he would go to America for more than one year, which I interpret as an emigrating. His fiancé, who has up to now been like a hostmother for us, is going with him, and a friend of the familiy, who is also
a member of Campagne des Hommes, is moving in. I already knew him beofre, but the other volunteers living with me did not even know his name until today
He would fly next saturday, but he would already go to Lomé the next day, because he still wanted to visit his family.
It was a pretty heavy shock! New new hostmother is also not as much at ease as the former one, she is acting more like a maid, but that might also be because she has no experice with volunteers and is younger than me.

Concerning that language courses, I seem to be back in business, since about 2 stundents wanted to change, one of them is the 60 years old one! So by now I have a 60 years old one and two student
– one mostly knows the grammar and the other two most of the vocabulary, at least there are only three of them!

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