Farewellparty, Lomé and Bank problems

Over the weekend there was a birthday on sunday morning, but I could not attent it, because I had stomach cramps and amoebas. It got better over the day and so I could got to the afternoon farewell party of Andreas
and the welcome party of Joe Kiki. He is a famous musician over here, who makes music for about 20 years now. He is a Togoian and for the uprising in 1992 one of his songs became it’s anthem.
So he had to flee and is now living in Germany but is still coming here about three times a year. That was also the case on sunday and musically he had a lot to offer!
He wrote many songs himself, but when he started at that party, his first song was a famous German one!
That night Andreas was still with us at the “La Case” and we talked all night.

On monday we were at Andreas’, because we wanted to accompay him to Lomé the next day, but the cellular network was not working. We (Falk and I) wanted to withdraw some money there, because it is not possible in Kpalimé anymore because of a order from the administration.

So we went to see Andreas in person. He lives a little bit out of town, and since no other moto was awaylable, we went there on a crossbike, but as it is the case quite often over here, we had a slight technical defect after a short period of time, the throttle was stuck! So we stopped to take a look at the problem, but after about 30 seconds another motodriver stopped to help us, and after 4 minutes even a skilled technician. After about 20 minutes everything was working again. We gave him 500 and went on.

When we arrived at Andreas’, he had just left for an internetcafé, so waited a little, which became about 2 hours, but we were talking with another volunteer who had just arrived a week earlier, so it was no problem. When Andreas returned at 10 pm, we still had the delicious rests of rice with ananas and curry (strange, that there had been anything left at all) und still looked at some pictures from his stay.
Two other africans, which had lived and worked with him, were also there.
When we wanted to get back at about midnight, the crossbike once again did not want to start, but we had it up and running again about another 20 minutes later.

So we went to Lomé this morning, since Andreas is leaving. After we arrived during the early afternoon, we ate in a restaurant, which is quite different from europe or America.
We also listened to Joe Kiki, since he had returned to Lomé – he is really a fabulous musician!
We were also at the fetish market, where they had a lot of dried animals and other voodoo stuff. The guide at first wanted 1.500 CFA from us, but at the end he said 1.500 per person.
We said that we did not have enought money with us and that we had agreed on a lower price earlier. We gave him the money and left – I think that my headache that night might be caused by hm :).

That evening there was a lot of in the city and we passed some trash dumpsm that you would not have expected between two bank headquarters.
I also got my money, but Falk was less fortunate. WIth Falk they said that they had problems with the traverlers check – although we already been at the banks headquarters!

At the end we also went to the beach, but we did not go for a swim, since there were two sewer exits at each side of us in a distance of about 50 meters.
After a nice day we returned quite exhausted at 6 pm, which took about 2 and a half hours with about 15 people in the small bus and someone always getting somewhere
Now my voice is a little weak from the smoke, but it was a nice day. Good night!

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