Internet, language courses and dry season

Once again a long break with writing…the 60 year old guy seems to resist his course change and since I do not have any inscriptions for my course, I will end it.

The internet seems to be quite strange through out the whole city. In none of the internetcafés you can get a connection and even on the telephone only one person can talk during a session – you cannot hear the other.

By now the dry season seems to start again, but it stays humid none the less. Is is raining less, but one can not sweat “effectivly” which is quite annoying.

Another ONG seems to be interested in the health centre also (RADI), we will see, how we can cooperate.

Now we are also doing the conception for a webpage for future volunteers, since there is very little information on Togo before you get here, except the telephone calls with former volunteers.
So the webpage is supposed give some information (also concerning the malaria prophylaxis)
I will let you now, when it is done 🙂

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