Volleyball and cockroaches

Today I went playing Volleyball for the first time! There seems to be only be one team in all of Kpalimé, but that one is pretty good. They are better than me, but I cn keep up, and so it is still a lot of fun!The hostdad of two of the other volunteers was already playing in the team and so he took us with him. sports over here are always done in the morning, because otherwise it will become too hot to play. Unfortunately the game was already over after two hours, but they are supposingly playing tyo times a week, and so I will be there again!
Directly next to our court the current school team was playing against the former students and there were severals speakers with loud Hip Hop playing. I was as if you were entering the Bronx, but it was also quite interesting. At first we were playing 5on5, later 4on4 and 3on3. At the end it was the most challenging, but also the funniest.

Last night it was once again a running for cover against the cockroaches through the bathroom. By now it are about 2 which are crawling along the wall and the floor, but they are afraid of the light, and so you just have to wait until they disppear. They are only in the bathroom, but is quite interesting to study their behaviour (at midnight!).

This afternnon we are visiting another German, (Andreas) who’s mother is married to a Togoian. She founded an NGO to support different project over here, DekaWoWo (one world), and at the moment they are building a hostel for whites to live in, but at the same time it is supposed to be a meeting point for colored and whites: there is supposed to be a swimming pool, where also colored people can afford to swim in and at the entrance court will be the possibility for artists to sell their merchandise. All of it sounded pretty interesing and now Anreas is helping to build one of the houses himself. Unfortunately he is only staying for 11 weeks.

Tomorrow we will go on our next trip with the artists to a local waterfall to swim 🙂 and on monday our language courses will begin for which only 5 people signed in by now. ;(

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