Computers and Swimming

Well, now I have not been on a computer with internet access for some time, but at some others:
Horace, my boss got 6 new computers, “Directimport from Germany”, and I am getting them set up and everything, together with Falk, another volunteer, which is kind of difficult with no CD-Rom drive and a humidity of about 80%, where you constantly get shocks from the computers (about 30 per evening) . The shocks over here are a little stronger that those in europe, also since it is not only static, but there is an electric current, when you do not back off!

I also got a cell phone card by now, but I use it only seldomly, there is just not the opportunity to do it!

Over the weekend 2 ne volunteers arrived, Heike und Andrea, although only Andrea had been announced, but that seems to become normal by now.
On Sunday we also went swimming in the swimming pool in one of the local hotels for about 2 bucks, but I needed the feeling again to be completely surrounded by water once again. We were also pretty surrounded afterwards, when a rainshower soaked us thoroughly!
Even today we had nothing but rain all day long, it has never been this strong before and almost all of the planned activites are cancelled, even all the official meetings.
Because I still accompanied Conny (another volunteer) to school to help her introduce herself to the new classes (with about 100, yes, 100 Students per class), I went jogging at 5am(I must be crazy). It is interesting to see the sunrise, although it is not quite spectacular, but we also saw our hostparents rise, they must have been sleeping long, until 6 am.

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