After doing sports once again at 6am I still wanted to sleep a little, but after 10 Minutes (7;30 o’clock) Bruno, who had recovered by now, asked me if I wanted to accompany him to the deputy of the Ministry of Education, to demand some things for the theatre project, and of course I accepted!
Barely returned, we went to the deputy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports at 9:30 to announce our plans for the upcoming sports event against Aids. This meeting was a bit more relaxed, since the deputy was not so conservative as the first one, but on the way back our Moto ran out of gas and we had to refuel at a little gas store next to the road. They had some 1 litre bottles of gasoline and prepared the right mixture right there. That is quite common here and so we continued. At 11:30 I was falling into my bed to get at least still some sleep at all for that day. I would need it…

During the afternoon, Tine and I wanted to post some advertisement for our language courses in the city, at the market and in private stores. Almost everybody checked the ads immediately, since whites are quite an attraction over here and when they even post things…
We also wanted to post some at the local police station and the post office; at the police the entrance guard first wanted to redirect us to the city hall to ask for authorization, since the police chief did not respond at once, when we knocked at his door. But about 30 seconds later the door opened and the police chief appeared, his appearance was that of Al Bundy:
Quite a big belly, his belt still open …and YOU were still supposed to shake that hand happily as a greeting!! 🙁
Since the police chief gave his OK anyway, we could still post the ad, but at what a cost… Anyway, we had the feeling that it would suffice to ask the responsible of the particular institution and that would be it.

So we also went to the post office to ask. One of the clerks put up the sheet after beeing in the back for some time, probably in an office, but by the time the first one had glued the sheet to the black board, another one said that it would still be necessary to get the OK from the mayor.

So I still went to the city hall later on and they first told me that it would be neccesary to file an official demand for authorization, but he could give me an appointment right now. So about 15 minutes later I met the 3. official for the day, the mayor. He told me that before he could give me his OK to put up the sheets, he would require the authorization of the ministry of education first, otherwise, all the sheets that I had already put on in public places could be torn down.
At that point I went to my boss at Campagne des Hommes to ask if we had that authorization, since he had already given me the order to order some radio advertisement. He said that it usually takes up to two years to get an authorization and we did not have one, but what the city did was mostly scare tactics and they did not really ever do anything. I should leave those sheets that I had already put up hanging and if any phonecalls should arrive, he would take care of it.
– and I thought that the German beaurocracy would be bad!

Tonight I have another appointment for the excursion on the weekend and after that another one for the sportsfestival…

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