Step by it is getting quite interesting

Since yesterday one of the employees of the Centre Culturel was sick, I typed a message for all the other volunteers, and spontaniously I was supposed to be the contact person. Later on I was also supposed to organize the bus for the trip, I have the feeling that there will be more work ahead.

Today I was supposed to order radio advertisement for the language courses we are offering ( and I am organizing). One of ht eemployees was supposed to give me the money and accompany me to the radio station, but since he was not there I went all by myself, which was also quite an interesting experience. After that I still went to the internetcafé, where I copied some sheets that are supposed to put up in the city tomorrow for advertisement.
Since my colleague of the Centre Culturel was still sick today, the meeting at 3pm concerning the theatre festival was posponed, but at 4pm I had the next reunion for “sports for the sensibilisation against HIV/Aids”. When I finally got done at 5:30 pm, I already went on to organize the bus for the trip. The evening was for nothing else than relax (until midnight, and going jogging again at 6am 😉 )

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