Yesterday was quite a usual day: (besides no jogging in the morning)
First, Falk and I went to the internetcafé, the speed was slow as usual, they could make a fortune selling coffee!
After that, Conny and I washed our clothes, by hand, of course.
Then we had lunch and I brought the pictures in order, together with Falk. (you will get to see them soon, the pictures from the preparation camp for the people doing the civil service will be there also).
Scheduled meeting with Bruno (an employée of Campagne des Hommes, who is working together with me for the “Centre Culturel”), but it was cancelled, because he had to deal with a electricity bill for the kids camp, that we had also taken part in. (He was on time though, which also did not happen very often up to now!). Therefore we (Conny, Tina and I) worked on the concept for the sports festival against Aids, that we were supposed to have the meeting on. The whole project just had be brought into an official form, we tried to do that.
Finally I still worked together with Falk on the homepage of Campagne des Hommes and had supper afterwards.
Since Tina had her birthday that day and some (me too) had scheduled an evening of stargazing on the rooftop, she did not expect the surprise party. It worked pretty well, we talked a lot and of course, gazed at the stars ;).
At 12 am I was finally asleep ( to start jogging the next morning at 6:15am 😉 ).

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