This morning I have been jogging for about 45 minutes together with Conny and Uscha, two other vounteers who just arrived. We seem to have started something, because tomorrow we will be about 7 to 8 volunteers and even our chef, Horace, said that he would like to join us later during the week. 😉 So far the whole thing is starting at 7:30 to 8 o’clock in the morning. After that we good cold shower and a loooooong breakfast.;).

Last night we went to the local afrobar, or I’d rather say that we stayed in the outer part facing the street. Inside they had the election of the “Miss Togo”, and we had no particular interest in that. Opposite our house there was a rap-battle at the same time, that lasted quite long, while I have been trying to sleep :). In between I had a little break due to one of the usual brown outs, but that lasted only half an hour ;(, but the jogging in the morning got me up again ;).

The, up to now, last volunteer from ICYE has now also arrived from Lomé, after waiting for her luggage that did not arrive until now. Therefore she will have to return to Lomé, which is about a 2 hour drive!
Now, after the last one of the new volunteers has just arrived, we already have news from new ones, that will arrive the next weekend. There are 3 more to come, and 3 more who applied already at EXPERIMENT, another exchange organisation, which does not have any preparational seminars, thought, and their stays only last about 3-6 months. There are going to be up to 20 Germans here at a time ;).

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