OK, so by now I also had worms, but I am pretty much done with them. Now we are preparing (mentaly) for the national holiday on Monday. There are rumors that the President will probably be here and hold a speech. When I asked a co-worker from Campagne, he said that the city is usually not cleaned so thoroughly and they repair all the street lamps. Besides that do cities that the president is coming to get a special fund for preparations! So It looks like it for shure. I will try to make some pictures.

The new volunteers have arrived! Five girls from all over Germany, of which 4 will stay for an entire year and one will go back after 6 months. We already a little party. 😉 Since I am organizing the language courses and am currently getting used to my new job in the bureau, I already found some volunteers for offering the language courses together with me. The “Centre Culturel”, where I am working has been founded for cultural exchange between Afrika and Europe. The language courses are part of that. They are especially intended for women, since they only pay half the price for the courses, which goes over three months, 1.5 hrs twice a week.
But the “Centre” is also trying to raise other projects, but it only excists for a year so far. It has already initiated a wood artists group, which is donating part of their gainings for the construction of a house for disadvantaged children, a group of drummers together with dancers (which consists mostly of wood artists) and a theaterfestival, that I already told you about earlier ;).

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