Today we had another meeting with the people who are responsible for the “Fethesco” (theater project in february). Now we are starting the search for sponsors and that will be the main objective for the moment. Some whites are always forming a group with some natives, because the chances are a lot better that way.

Horace, the president of Campagen des Hommes will hand over his job as the executive director to another person in about 2-3 months. After that he only responsible for correspondance and the volunteers. He is already trying to get Campagne recognized as an international organisation, maybe it will be a little bit quicker when he has more time. In that case we would get the renewals of our visa for free!

I am also supposed to start new language courses in English and German, but I will wait until the new volunteers arrive, because some of them might like to give such courses also.

Yesterday I have been to the hospital and in the analysis they did not find anything, so officially I am cured from malaria and amoeba, although I still do not feel good at times, but that might be because of eating a lot and the weather. 🙂

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