The camp is (finally) over! Three weeks are a little long for a kids camp and at the end nobody really felt responsible for anything anymore. Too bad. Now we will have another week of Éwécourse and getting used to the “Centre Culturel” and on August 26th there will be some other 5-6 volunteers arriving which will also stay up to one year.

At the end of the camp we still had to bring some of the kids back home to their villages. There were 2 groups and always 3 volunteers with each group. After arriving in the villages we still handed out some exercise books and pencils to the students for the upcoming schollyear. After that we still had a coke with the parentsrepresentative and the school director went right back home. The village we went to was 1.5 km away from the border to Ghana and it was a split village: half of it was on the other side of the border.

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