We are becoming less and less. The “old” volunteers are leaving, the next ones are due on august 14th and 17th and the new one will probably arrive in the middle or at the end of august. We are currently 9 people, but we can still party pretty well ;).

Today I got new clothes, even a whole suit, but I should start looking for an Internet café that is fast enough so that I can upload my pictures.
The clothes and tissue market is quite fabulous! You can buy a bunch of tissue (called pagne) of about 1*2 metres for about 1000-4000 CFA, which is about 2-6 bucks. Then you still have to go to the tailor and for an additional 4000 CFA one can get a pair of pants and shirt. (out of 2 pagne).

My birthday passed also auite nice. For the beginning I slept auite long, after that all the “Happy Birthday” greetings and in the ening a nice party with the other volunteers. Since another volunteer also head his last day we celebrated together. From him I will take over the “centre culturel”, which is organising a theatre festival the next spring in cooperation with 19 schools and some language courses in Englisch and German regularly from wich I will probably also be leading one.
The “centre” also has a group of drum players which mostly consists of the woodworkers that are working in our yard.

On August 30th the “President” (dictator) will come to town and hold a speach. Already by now there are already some police inspections at night and you are supposed to have your passport with you. That will also be the only daay of the year on which the street lights are on.:)

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