We where on the field today and did some cutting and mowing with a machete! At 8 a.m. we started with little motorequipped bike taxis towards the field. Nice feeling, i can tell ya! At around nine we reached a place near the fields, but we still had to walk for about 20 minutes. We all got a machete und were supposed to start “gardening” which consisted of cutting herbs 1m high and trees with a stem 2 inches wide. It worked out pretty nicely with the nice “cutting tool”. Later that day some of the workers saw a snake and where terrified. We had to work around the snake and hope that it would be gone later. 😉

Constantin, another volunteer lost a lot of water and looked pretty bad since we had only brought water for a “little gardening” as we had been told. He almost passed out and so we left at around lunch time and still had a coke (0.6l). Peter did not want all of his coke and so i drank a litre of coke and am writing here now ;). Tonight I will do some drumming with blisters on my hands 😉

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