By now I am here for 2 days and started getting used to the keyboard. Tomorrow I will start working on a field to see what it looks like.

The Ewécourse is quite funny. We are three students and are alwas asking things that are way ahead in the schedule. The whole time you can hear Reggae and/or drums from outside which is rather relaxing that ennoying. Our teacher is also quite funny and we always tell him what te things are in German.

Mosquitos are a real pleague, but they mostly only come during dawn and dusk. As long as you have protection on, it not really a problem.

I have a lot of time here since the way of life here is quite relaxed. A 0.6 coke costs about 350 CFA, which is about 40 Cent, wodka is 75 CFA per litre 🙂 No panic, I won’t abuse it 🙂

It is not really a problem to sleep without a blanket, so I just do it, just alittle change, that’s all. The only problem is that the bed is too short and I touch the moquitonet on both ends, so I have to wear socks at night. 😉

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